jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

Dark Horse to publish "Vampire Boy" and "The Wednesday Conspiracy" in 2010!

Mike Richardson, president and the owner of Dark Horse Comics and the producer of such hit movies as "The Mask," "Timecop" and "Hellboy," recently visited SAF's offices in Slovenia.
During his four-day visit, Mike and Ervin Rustemagic, the head of SAF, concluded several deals, resulting in Dark Horse publishing a number of SAF's graphic novels in the United States .

The 464-page omnibus (integral) edition of "Vampire Boy" by Trillo & Risso, as well as the omnibus edition of "The Wednesday Conspiracy" by Sergio Bleda (144 pages) have already been scheduled for publication in 2010, in addition to some other titles.

Mike and Ervin also made an agreement between their entertainment companies, Dark Horse Entertainment and SAF Entertainment respectively, to jointly develop and produce movies based on "Vampire Boy" and "The Wednesday Conspiracy."